Arduino, Open Hardware & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Welcome! We are group of hardware and maker enthusiasts based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota area. Our monthly meetings involve networking, tutorials and learning everything we can about Open Hardware, the Internet of Things (IoT) and maker projects from each other.

WIN PRIZES: We will be having a drawing for a LightBlue Bean! Must register and present at the meeting to win.

Monthly meetings are held at Code 42 Software ( We are hiring! ) located at 1 Main St SE. Suite #400, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Questions or problems finding the meetup? Contact: justin[[at]]

Our next monthly meeting is November, 6th. Food and networking beginning at 6:00, with presentations at 6:30. PLEASE REGISTER!

  • Stephen Bull will present on "Building collaborative semi-autonomous multi-robot systems... with social skills. Step 1) ...Um...; Step 2) Sanity vs reality check; Step 3) Profit?"
  • Eric Tsai will give some examples of using MQTT for home automation - easy ways to report data and make things blink and move. And also demo practical uses for sound, gas, and photo sensors in home automation.
  • George Siverts will cover what he has done to get Node-Red and BLE scanning on an Intel Edison.
  • Open discussion and feedback on IoTHackDay from those who participated and discussion on what is next for events in the future.
  • We are looking for an additional speaker this month!

Email justin[[at]] to learn about how to sponsor an event or speak on a topic related to the internet of things, open hardware. You are always welcome to bring projects you are working on and do a short informal lightening talk!

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