Arduino, Open Hardware, Maker & Connected Devices (IoT)

Welcome! We are group of hardware and maker enthusiasts based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota area. Our monthly meetings involve networking, tutorials and learning everything we can about Open Hardware, Makers and Connected Devices (IoT) projects from each other.


Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, Feb 18th @ 6:30. We are going to be joining the IoTFuse organization to promote the Ardunio.MN group to a larger audience in 2016.

Details and registration for the next monthly meet-up can be found here!

Questions or problems finding the meetup? Contact: justin[[at]] or @arduinomn


The meeting is in partnership with the University of Minnesota Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Email justin[[at]] to learn about how to sponsor an event or speak on a topic related to the internet of things, open hardware. You are always welcome to bring projects you are working on and do a short informal lightening talk!

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What is Arduino? Here's some popular links to learn the details and history of Arduino.