Arduino, Open Hardware & The Internet of Things (IoT)

SLIGHT LOCATION CHANGE - We will be meeting at 6:00 pm on Oct 2nd at Code42 R&D (We are hiring!). This is a building just right across the courtyard from where we typically meet. It's a small 2 story building. You can't miss it. The exact address and link to a map is here: 25 SE Main St Minneapolis, MN 55414.

The Internet of Things is in the Air!

Our next meeting on Oct 2nd will be a meet/greet with the general public, the sponsors and teams competing in Minnesota's First IoT Hack Day Competition!

Whether you are in the IoT Hack Day competition or not, you are welcome to attend this meeting on Oct 2nd, learn more about the event and even form a team that evening. PLEASE REGISTER.

Questions or problems finding the meetup? Contact: justin[[at]]

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Arduino Links

What is Arduino? Here's some popular links to learn the details and history of Arduino.