Arduino, Open Hardware & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Welcome! We are group of hardware and maker enthusiasts based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota area. Our monthly meetings involve networking, tutorials and learning everything we can about Open Hardware, the Internet of Things (IoT) and maker projects from each other. WIN PRIZES: We will be having a drawing for a LightBlue Bean! Must register and present at the meeting to win.

Our next monthly meeting is September, 4th. Food and networking beginning at 6:00, with presentations at 6:30. We will be holding a drawing for an Arduino board with components. If you are planning to attend PLEASE REGISTER!

Monthly meetings are held at Code 42 Software ( We are hiring! ) located at 1 Main St SE. Suite #400, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Questions or problems finding the meetup? Contact: justin[[at]]

  • Paige Dansinger moves her gallery to City Center and re-opens for Women in New Media Arts a "Center for Connectivity". Working on several large scale projects exploring human interactivity with LED lights in fine art and wearable tech, Paige presents Works in Process & New Developments.
  • Discuss the upcoming #IoTHackDay event in October!
  • We are looking for more presenters this month! Please contact Justin at the email address below if you have a topic related to hardware. We would love to have you share your knowledge!
Email justin[[at]] if you are wish to speak on a topic related to the internet of things, open hardware of any kind or bring projects you are working on and do a short informal lightening talk!

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